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This tour will describe the benefits of becoming a member of courthouseonline.com. You can click on any menu option on the left to jump directly to the explanation of that feature. If one of the features have further steps you will be able to go through a sample demonstration of those steps by pressing the previous and next buttons.

Search Properties displays all of the search options which allow you to search our databases for county information related to the search criteria.

Purchase Time allows you to buy fixed amount of time to allow you to search for any property and view it's data.

Property Info will display a list of pages which describe a specific property. Normally you would get to this list after putting in a search criteria under Search Properties but this tour allows you to see a sample property.

Account Management allows you to modify your personal account.

Below is a screenshot of the first page you would come to if you were to log into a member's account.

MyCol Home Page

MyCol Home Page
The above screenshot shows the initial home page for members. This page is your center for news about the courthouseonline.com