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You do not have to be a member to use However, MyCOL members have access to additional features including the ability to purchase search time and other items. The levels of access to the website include the following:

1) Anonymous user. This user can browse the website to view information about any courthouse for which we have information. This includes courthouse contacts, addresses, and other information.

2) CourthouseOnline MyProperty™ user. This user has been given a unique control number and password from his home courthouse. This information is usually included on a tax bill or other official notice from the courthouse. Upon visiting each relevant department, users may enter their control number and password to view all the data associated with their own records. For example: In the Assessment Office, the user may view the data on the specific single property that the control number and password is associated with. An owner with multiple properties will receive multiple control numbers and passwords. This service permits courthouses to make their data available to taxpayers at no cost to the courthouse or taxpayer.

Note: In some counties you may search the entire county database at no cost from the My Property home page.

3) CourthouseOnline MyCOL™ member. This user has become a member of by entering his name, address, and a valid email address. This will allow the member to gain access to select additional features of the website that cannot be provided without an account. There is NO fee for membership. A member ID and password are emailed to the member so that they can log in the site. This also allows the member to optionally purchase search time or other items. YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO PURCHASE SEARCH TIME. Membership also allows CourthouseOnline to contact the member, if necessary. Additional special features are planned for our members.

4) Member with Search Time. This is a MyCOL member who has also purchased "search time" via a secure credit card processing page. Search time allows the member to search our copy of the courthouse databases for any and every county where we have loaded the data. Since ownership of the data is retained by the respective courthouse, the member is actually paying for the service provided through CourthouseOnline.Com, Inc. to access that data via a website. Search time is calculated from the time it is purchased in days, hours, and minutes. Three (3) days means 72 hours of consecutive time whether you are logged on or not. Additional search time can be purchased if desired, but you will never be automatically billed for anything.

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