Frequently Asked Questions

What counties are available on CourthouseOnline?

Check available counties, data, and data upload dates.

How much does it cost to be able to search properties in a county?

Subscription Pricing

Are there options other than paying online using my credit card?

Our online e-commerce processor (Paypal) also accepts eChecks when you purchase time online or you can send us a check in advance. Please contact us first before sending a check.

Are there group rates available?

We can give you a quote for group rates. Please send us an email with answers to these questions.

  1. How many office locations will you be logging in from?
  2. How many PCs/Users?
  3. How many users will need to access CourthouseOnline at one time?

How up to date is the data on CourthouseOnline?

Sales and changes to properties can take a couple weeks to be recorded by the recorder. We update the data on CourthouseOnline once a month. Click here to view the dates when the data was last uploaded to CourthouseOnline. ...a better way to access public records.™ Website and Services Copyright ©2000 CourthouseOnline.Com, Inc. Copyright and ownership of courthouse data is held by each respective courthouse. All information provided on this site is believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. I AGREE that my use of this site is governed by the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.